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To order any of our Relaxation In A Bag flax seed products, see our storefront on

"More Yoga" T-Shirts can be ordered from the More Yoga T-shirt storefront.

Peace and Greetings to yoga lovers everywhere

Welcome to a place where you can find high quality accessories that will help you create the peaceful feelings and benefits of class at home, the office, or where ever you choose to enjoy yoga. More Yoga offers a selection of beautiful, long lasting yoga products to enhance your enjoyment of yoga, featuring genuine Relaxation in a Bag® neck pillows, and eye pillows. Of course, you can order sticky mats, too.

In yoga we join a growing community of people who are attuned in body, mind, and spirit. The practice of yoga is a blessing to us and a gift for those around us.

More Yoga was established by Shelly Greenberg, who wants the whole world to relax. Since the 1970's, Shelly has operated the Evergreen Yoga studio in Bethesda, MD, where the motto has always been: "Whatever the Question... the Answer is... More Yoga." More Yoga is proud to present, The More Yoga Game. It’s “A Yoga Class In a Can.”

Since 1979 Shelly Greenberg has been supporting the yoga community through her participation in The International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Unity in Yoga Conferences. She is a founding member and past President of the Mid-Atlantic Yoga Association.

Are there other items you'd like us to offer? We would love to hear from you. Call us at 301-320-3630 or send an email to

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