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The goal of Evergreen Yoga is to awaken the teacher within. Evergreen Yoga does not require anyone to mold themselves toward an ideal body, rather it is hoped that each person will work within a framework of confidence and safety, becoming more aware of their abilities and potential.

Here's what people are saying about Evergreen Yoga

The light you bring to this world and all who are fortunate to know you is a blessing. Thank you for helping me all these years to understand myself a bit better and to accept life, myself and what comes my way by living in the moment.  --- Susan S.

I think you are an excellent teacher and I feel very blessed to have found you as my teacher.  Your variety and style of teaching speaks to me.  Often when I arrive at class I am still carrying the day with me or feel like I just don’t have enough energy to take the class, but I never leave feeling like that.    --- Judy L.

The more I study Yoga and speak with other students from other studios, the more I realize what a good teacher you are and how fortunate I am to be at Evergreen. You are talented and inspiring. What cosmic synchronicity! Of all the yoga places I could have gone to. I am thankful for this opportunity, and will remember to be happy and joyous and light.   Anna V.

This was my best class, ever … it was magic for me! You were an exemplary teacher this morning. Your care and kindness with each student encouraged us to work at our own level. I felt supported, honored, and challenged. Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher. 

I  really appreciate the advice to bend 6 ways every day. I find that advice like that -- to do small, simple movements -- is something I actually can do each day and it is very beneficial. You're a great teacher, Shelly. Thanks.

Shelly and Community

In yoga we join a growing community of people who are attuned in body, mind and spirit. The practice of yoga is a blessing to us and a gift for those around us.

Since 1979 Shelly Greenberg has been supporting the yoga community through her participation in The International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Unity in Yoga Conferences. She is a founding member and past President of the Mid-Atlantic Yoga Association.

Shelly has also served her local Bethesda community saving trees and working as Board Member and President of the Friends of Maiden Lane Park.

Special Events

February 15 - 17, 2019 - Weekend Retreat at Bon Secours, The Lotus Path with Dee Gold, Shannon Mayhew, and Shelly Greenberg.  For more information scroll down and fill in the Contact Us form or call 301-320-3630.

December 6, 13, 20, 2018 only - Restorative Yoga.  Class begins at 5:30 and lasts one and a half hours.  Anyone can do this, male or female, experienced yogi or someone just curious to try Restorative Yoga.

Ease your way through the hectic holidays by taking some time for yourself and relaxing with Restorative Yoga classes at the Evergreen home studio located near the Landon School in Bethesda, MD.

We will rest in a variety of poses supported by blankets and other props, using our body, breath and spirit to regain a sense of peace and composure.  You will emerge refreshed ready to enjoy this holiday season with family and friends.

Sign up for one or more of these special Thursday afternoon classes.  To register call 301-320-3630.

 July 20 - 22, 2018 -  Weekend Retreat at Bon Secours Spiritual Center in Marriottsville, MD with Shannon Mayhew, Dee Gold, and Shelly Greenberg.  Want more information?  Just scroll down and fill in the Contact Us form and we'll send you a brochure.

December 7, 14, and 21, 2017 only -  Restorative Yoga.  Class begins at 5:30 and lasts one and a half hours. Anyone can do this, male or female, experienced yogi or someone just curious to try Restorative Yoga.

June 30 - July 2, 2017 - Weekend Retreat at Bon Secours, The Fine Art of Yoga with Dee Gold, Shannon Mayhew, and Shelly Greenberg. 

April 22, 2017  - Earth Day in the Park.  Join us for a free class at the Maiden Lane Park. This will be a Mostly Gentle Yoga in a Chair experience.  All adults are welcome.

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